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About us

Firework Shop, Online Store and Award Winning Display Company

Berkshire based Star Fireworks was established in 1971 as a family business selling fireworks. For over 40 years our company has shipped fireworks all over the UK and customers have flocked to our shop from Reading and Bracknell.

As the reigning British Fireworks Champion of Champions our professional display teams are in constant demand. You may have seen our stunning finales on Big Brother and Blue Peter. 

Our Bracknell Shop. Where it all began. 



Our local roots run deep.

Sean Durcan, Star Fireworks Director of Displays

receives the Bracknell Business of the Year Award.

10 Reasons to Buy Fireworks from Star Fireworks 

1. Award Winning Fireworks

Star Fireworks were crowned the British Firework Championship, “ Champions of Champions “ following a spectacular two day competition between the winners of The British Firework Championships from the past six years. 

This special fireworks competition takes place in Plymouth every six years . Considered to be the highest achievement in the UK. It is a battle between every Fireworks Display company who has won the British Firework Championship since 2007. 

2. One of the Oldest Firework Shops in the UK 

Established in 1971 Star Fireworks still operates it’s original Firework Shop in Bracknell, near Reading. By Firework Shop standards that is a long time! Indicating how much our customers love us and come back year after year. Our reputation for safety is so good we sit on many government committees, shaping the regulations of the firework Industry.  

Though an “Old Company” we are ahead of the crowd in our use of new technologies. Video screens are installed in our retail store so you can watch before you buy. We were also one of the first to use computerised firing to synchronise our display effects.

 3. We Sell Semi Professional Fireworks Including 1.3g 

Most supermarkets will stock 1.4 g fireworks with exciting packaging and less exciting effects.  At Star Fireworks we sell the most powerful fireworks that can be legally sold to the general public (over 18 ). With up to 25% more powder we guarantee more bang for your buck. 

4. Star Fireworks are Masters of New Years Fireworks 

Fireworks are a growing part of New Years celebrations all over the UK. At Star Fireworks we have taken our extensive New Years Display experience and translated it into the best selection of New Years Fireworks. 

We carry a huge selection of Single Ignition Fireworks for New Years Eve. Single Ignition Fireworks were designed by the firework industry for the Millennium. There was a concern that happy party goers would be mixing champagne and fireworks. So they designed the safest possible firework. One fuse to light and stable in weight and shape. 

We also lead the field in our selection of Compound Fireworks. Boxes of Firework Cakes that are linked together. So again you only have to light one fuse to enjoy a full display. 

At Star Fireworks the New Years Party goes on. We are ready every year to wow your guests with our displays in a box. 

5. The Largest Selection of the Top Firework Brands 

At Star Fireworks we are nuts about fireworks. Our product research and development team visit China regularly through out the year in their quest to bring the newest and most exciting fireworks to the UK. 

We spend hours watching videos from the top brands such as, Bright Star, Cosmic, Hallmark and Brothers, in order to select the most spectacular fireworks for our shops. Our accountants tell us we have too much selection and too many brands. What can we say? We are nuts about fireworks. 

6. Star Fireworks Bracknell Shop is open 52 Weeks a Year. Our online store is open 365 days per year. 

Fireworks are no longer just for Guy Fawkes.  Weddings, birthdays, engagement and anniversary parties are all great opportunities to light up the skies. At Star Fireworks we are available all year to help you add that special sparkle to your evenings entertainment.  

As an online customer you have the reassurance of knowing you are dealing with a real firework shop. Not up in the cloud, here today gone tomorrow dealers, who may not have safety as their first concern.

7. Fireworks for Sale at the Best Prices. 

At Star Fireworks we focus on quality fireworks at the best possible price. We avoid gimmicky offers as we are confident our prices for safe, quality fireworks can not be beat. This is one reason we carry known brands. Through online videos and comparison shopping, it is easy for customers to see the outstanding value of our fireworks.

8. Star Fireworks are the Champions of Guy Fawkes Night. 

Remember, remember the 5th of November. We can honestly say it is never far from our minds. We work all year to ensure our customers feel like champions on the night. Our reason for being is to wow and amaze your friends and family.    

9. Best Customer Service. 

There must be a reason we are so successful. We believe it is exceptional customer service and brilliant word of mouth. We realise we are only as good as our last show or the fireworks you take home.

Though many of our customers only visit once a year we love to see the anticipation on their faces,  and to hear their stories of how good last years fireworks were.  

10. Fireworks for Sale Near Me. 

If you live in the Bracknell, Reading  or Slough area then are we are your local firework shop. For those living further afield it is worth the drive to come and see us. With ample free parking and  easy assess from the M4, M5 and A329 we would love to help you with all your firework needs. 

Firework speciality stores can be hard to find these days. Keep in mind we are happy to answer your questions by phone or email. We endeavour to give local quality service to all our online customers.  

Bonfire Night, they are coming by the bus load from Reading and Wokingham.  

Star Fireworks Championship Display.  

How to contact us:
Visit us at:
Star Fireworks
Fireworks House
Bullbrook Row
Berkshire RG12 2NL 

Or call us on: 0800 781 0511 

You can also send us an email, our email address:

Star Fireworks Ltd, 2 Bullbrook Row, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 2NL.
Registered in England No. 5462321. VAT No. 115715236