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Special effects for your wedding

Special effects for your wedding

Special Effects for your Wedding

Alongside fireworks they are special effects galore available from Star Fireworks for the rest of your special day. To really excite your guests, surprise everyone with confetti. Confetti Cannons are your best bet to hand out to a few key people. An added bonus: your photos will look amazing!

As if confetti wasn't enough how about creating the perfect moment for your first dance by Dancing on the Clouds? This brand new effect covers your dance floor in low level dry ice creating clouds for you and your loved one to glide over. Using the dry ice rather than the usual smoke machine is much more effective and venue friendly. The dry ice stays at ankle height and doesn't interfere with the venue's smoke alarms. Another beautiful photo opportunity and an ingenious way for brides to ditch their painful shoes and dance away without anyone realising.

Keeping with dry ice, our dry ice party pack for adults will liven up any bar area. Cocktails, shots and jugs of your chosen drink can be turned into bubbling clouds of flavoured vapour with our food grade dry ice. The pack includes everything you need from specially adapted cocktail stirrers to shot glasses and of course a huge box of dry ice which will serve over 100 drinks throughout the night. Smoking!

These funky characters aren't like usual balloons, they are huge helium filled Air Walkers both standing at 50” tall. The specially weighted balloons allow the Bride and Groom characters to walk on air. You can of course choose to tether them to a set place, they make great decorations for your reception.

If you'd like any further information about the featured products please get in touch with a member of our team on 01344 425321 or email

24th May 2017 Chantal Bajomee

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